May 27: Psalm 71:14-18

Key Verse: Psalm 71:17
Since my youth, God, you have taught me, and to this day I declare your marvellous deeds.

If we do accept there is no greater power than God, then we must accept whatever comes our way is under His control. To make sure we continue to support, praise and fear God, we must make sure we continue in His Will. Part of that will is to make sure we spread the gospel as Christ Himself reminded us. When we display the hope without end which we have in Christ, we are spreading The Word. But more than that, we should be willing to tell others what is held within our bibles. We may not be able to find the words to tell them about Christ, but if we repeat Christ’s Words to them, then they will be willing to listen as we did once. It is not the eloquent of others which will convince us, but the Word of God itself that will convince us God is real.

We have to then make sure we are willing to repeat God’s Word to those around us. We must be willing to recount the gospel in part. There is no way we are all going to be like A. Scourby who was able to record the whole bible for people to listen to, but we can give people an insight by being able to recount a verse or two.

Why? Because when we are able to recount God’s Word it will show others it means something to us. When we hear people recount poems it is because it means something to them. When we show others that God’s Word mean something to us, it will allow them to know that it is real and they will not push it aside as quickly as if we had to read it from a piece of paper or book.

It does not stop after we have told one person about God. We need to continue to be willing to show people about God and to encourage others. No matter how many generations there are between us and the hearer, be it our grandparents or our grandchildren, we need to be able to show them we care about God’s Word.

Points to Ponder:
How often do you read to someone?

How often is it about God?